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Professional Makeup Multi Kit and Eyeliner | COSBON

March 22, 2022

COSBON Co., Ltd. is a Korean cosmetics manufacturer and seller dedicated to cosmetics and beauty products. Since its foundation in 1998, it has been carrying out its innovative research and development to launch the best and first cosmetics products around the world.

Its corporate vision is to build trust with customers based on trustworthy products through continuous R&D, rather than pursuing business profit first. COSBON will continue to lead the global and Korean cosmetics market by constantly unveiling new products which predict future demand as well as meet customers’ current demand.

COSBON’s Professional Makeup Multi Kit

COSBON Professional Makeup Multi Kit is a set of products that suit the professional makeup to pursue for improvement such as color, application, and adhesion.

Composition of COSBON’s Professional Makeup Multi Kit Product

✔️Eye shadow: 24 different colors of eye shadow in a single container make it possible to put professional eye makeup anywhere, anytime. This innovative formula with waterproof effect and no powder scatter lasts long while providing perfect color gradation and cover of fine lines.
✔️Lipstick: 10 different colors of lipstick in a single container for the expression of professional lip makeup anywhere, anytime.
✔️Pressed powder: COSBON's anti-aging pressed powder covers wrinkles and blemishes of the facial skin for the expression of smooth and lustrous skin.
✔️Brow pencil: COSBON’s Brow pencil contains antioxidant ingredients that protect the skin around the eyes, and it can be used freely anywhere, anytime.
✔️Lip liner: COSBON’s Lip liner pencil contains Vitamin E that moisturizes your lips and leaves them soft and supple.
✔️Eyeliner: COSBON’s thin and delicate brush makes it convenient and easy to express exquisite eye lines.
✔️Mascara: The triple fitting coat creates a thin layer of film for neat eye lashes all day long without sagging, smudging or lumping, and there is no need for makeup remover because it easily comes off when cleansing with warm water.

COSBON’s Retractable Gel Waterproof Eyeliner

COSBON’s retractable gel eye liner has a gel texture that delivers intense color and smoothly glides on the sensitive areas around the eyes. The highly adhesive formula of Retractable Gel Eyeliner offers long-lasting and clear-cut effects without smudge. The size will be easily adjustable by the users with the help of a container that goes back and forth. It is available in the colors of black, brown, plum, grey, and blue.

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